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Documentation of your Tableau Workbook is Simple & Easy now with RapidDox.

RapidDox will save 8 – 12 hours of your valuable time per documentation.  With few simple clicks you can create your Tableau Documentation in Seconds!

With RapidDox you can resolve your Data Governance concerns too.

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Why Rapid Dox ?

We know documentation can be Boring

We made it exciting and easier for you!!

We know documentation is Time consuming

We made it faster for you!!

You wished Tableau had extensive search functionality?

We have it for you!!

ROI ? ‘No-brainer’

Documenting each Tableau workbook could take anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. Using Rapid Dox, in a click of a button you have documentation generated in seconds.

Rapid Dox is a one of its kind product that works seamlessly with your Tableau workbook and dashboards to help automate more than 100% of the effort spent on documenting important details from your workbooks.


Rapid Dox works like a charm and creates extensive documentation on click of a button. Just open the Rapid Dox tool, browse for your Tableau workbook, fill in some of the blanks and you are DONE!!

Rapid Dox will do all the heavy lifting work on tedious documentation for you Automatically!!

Multiple Formats!

Rapid Dox can export documentation in multiple formats – MS Word, MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML.

You have lots of flexibility in editing your documentation in MS Word. You can export to Excel and use the data to load into another database or Tableau for further analysis.


Rapid Dox aims to standardize the documentation process across your whole company by using standard and well-designed templates. It also provides flexibility to advanced users to customize their templates by letting them choose which section goes where in the document and level of details to be included.

Dashboard Screenshots!

Rapid Dox was designed with keeping non-technical business users in mind. A lot of effort has gone into making its user interface rich and intuitive. Users can get started with minimal or no training and does not need any scripting or coding to generate comprehensive documentation for your Tableau workbooks and dashboards. Users can also include screenshots from their dashboards into the documentation at relevant places to make it more effective.

Analyze !

Rapid Dox also helps users find all relevant information about your Tableau workbook or dashboard without even opening your workbook. Users can find custom SQL, formula used in different calculated fields, or parameters and unused object in your workbook in a click of a button.

Guides you Best Practices!

Rapid Dox helps Tableau authors to improve performance of their dashboards by giving them insights into unused objects like calculated fields, parameters or data source fields etc. Hiding or deleting these unused objects can potentially improve the performance of your dashboard greatly.

Workbook Dependencies

Graphical representation of all workbook dependencies.  Visually see which data sources are used in which worksheets and which worksheets are part of which dashboards.  Automatically created for you at workbook level and for each dashboard.

Reviews From Around The Globe

Having working with tableau for last 6 years in various capability from creating the dashboard to managing the team of analyst creating those dashboard to being end user consuming the information, I have admired how quickly you can build your dashboard with great visualization. However my team, my peers and myself have always struggled to put together documentation of the dashboard. While documentation sits on high importance in the list of activities, it always fall under low urgency bucket and working in era of Agile environment documentation gets always dropped.  This tool is simply great, took less than 5 minutes to create the very detailed documentation of my dashboard which could have taken me about 3 days and probably would have missed few things. I loved it even more when got to know that it can be customized to your audience or purpose.

Dilip Kumar

Manager Airline Campaigns, Qantas Loyalty, Australia

Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. With a hands on support center, online documentation and HD video tutorials you will not go wrong.

Support System

Our support system is the perfect place to receive more detailed instructions on using Rapid Dox.

The Golden Rule

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.

Extensive Documentation

Online and easily accessible, there are detailed instructions on how to use Rapid Dox.

Find The Answers

This is the place to find just about anything you need to know about using your theme.

HD Video Tutorials

Nothing is easier than learning first hand by watching a nicely composed high-definition video.

Learn By Watching

Watch our HD narrated video tutorials to quickly learn how to use various parts of Rapid Dox.

Reviews From Around The Globe

People everywhere are loving Rapid Dox and we thrive off their feedback.  Rapid Dox maintains an overall 5-Star rating.

Tableau Versions Supported by RapidDox

RapidDox was tested and works on Tableau versions 9.x, 10.x, 2018.x, 2019.x

Feature rich documenting product at rock bottom price!!

Documentation is important, due to its laborious nature, documentation is mostly ignored and the knowledge is lost with time.

We don’t want anyone to face this issue anymore, hence Rapid Dox is affordably priced for everyone.

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Annual Maintenance: First year maintenance cost of Rapid Dox is included in the purchase price.  By subscribing for annual maintenance you will not only receive support, bug fixes and patches from Factual Soft but also receive new releases with updates and latest features.  We will remind you via the tool and email when it’s time to renew your maintenance.